April Program


Using PDFs to Create Training Materials


In this Session

Guest speaker Barry Robb will present an interactive PDF and share what he's done to change the landscape of training at Cardinal Health.  He will demonstrate both an electronic version of a participant journal that they call the eJournal and an interactive version that mimics a web page. 

About the Speaker

Barry Robb has been working in instructional design and delivery for almost 25 years.  He earned his degree in Instructional Design and Technology in 1991 through the Community College of the Air Force.  He also has degrees in Health Physics and Electronics Engineering.  He's worked in design and delivery for Flight Safety Services, Boeing Aerospace Operations, University of Oklahoma, Remington College, Allied Wireless Communications Corp, AT&T, and now Cardinal Health.

March Program


Building Trust in the Workplace 

Jason Jolley, FranklinCovey


In a work setting of low team trust, people’s unseen agendas or motivations generate suspicion and ultimately hinder getting things done. Guarded communication, speculation, and disengagement slow productivity and fuel frustration. But when individuals trust each other—and are trusted by others—communication improves and productivity accelerates as attention is redirected toward team objectives.


The Working at the Speed of Trust—For Associates  team building program helps individual contributors identify and address “trust gaps” in their own personal credibility and in their relationships at work. Using examples based on their current work and focusing on real-world issues, participants discover how to communicate transparently with peers and managers, improve their track record of keeping commitments, focus on improving internal “customer service” with others who depend on their work, build team trust, and much more.


About Jason Jolley

Jason Jolley is the first Arkansas-based rep for FranklinCovey and is in his 4th year.  Jason currently resides in Cabot and has lived in the Central Arkansas area for 20 years. Jason travels throughout the Arkansas and Northern Louisiana area introducing FranklinCovey content to companies and organizations via presentations and meetings.


Jason earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (1991) from Elmhurst College in Illinois.  Prior to his work at FranklinCovey, he has held the following positions: Assistant Store Manager with Wal-Mart, Account Rep with Frito Lay, and Account Sales Manager with PepsiCo.


Jason enjoys spending time with his family (wife Tammy, daughter Rebecca (15) and son Jackson (11)).  His wife is a special-needs teacher and the kids are involved in music, dance, and scouts.


Jason is an avid trumpet player and plays in the Little Rock area. His family is active in their church and he is an Adult Sunday School teacher and a member of his church orchestra. 



February Program


Instructional Design Best Practices: Why Quality Matters

Sharonda Lipscomb

UALR Scholarly Technology and Resources (STaR) Program

Sharonda Lipscomb will present the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Scholarly Technology and Resources, or “STaR” program. She will discuss UALR’s Instructional Design Best Practices, which range from industry standard techniques to lessons learned the hard way.  Using today’s modern technology, instructors are given all the tools needed to successfully deliver courses online and then to continuously improve their courses. The Quality Matters process guides instructors through self-review, and peer review. There is even a rubric developed to gauge adherence to pre-established standards.


About Sharonda Lipscomb

Sharonda Lipscomb is an Instructional Designer and the Professional Development Coordinator with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Scholarly Technology and Resources, or "STaR" program. The STaR Office provides instructional design and course development assistance for all UALR instructors using online lerning technologies. STaR provides a full-blown course development process and quality assurance resources. Sharonda is an adjunct for the Educational Leadership Department in Learning Systems Technology Education (LSTE) Online Program.

January Program

Erika Smith, TechSmith

Love to learn?

Love to teach?

Love freebies?

Then the January meeting of ATD is for you!  Join us for a Webinar featuring TechSmith's product evangelist, Erika Smith as she shows SnagIt and Camtasia techniques in your training and presentation efforts. Erika is a national ATD member and knows our business. She will lead us through the demonstration remotely, but TechSmith has provided door prizes, including full copies of Camtasia.

About Erika Smith
Erika Smith is an Instructional Designer on the User Assistance team at TechSmith. She has a background in corporate training and development. She enjoys running, soccer, and home DIY projects.


December Program -

Awards Luncheon and Employee Learning Week!

Photos here!

November Program

HR and L&D - Collaborating to Make a Difference

Odell Nickelberry, SPHR

Director, Human Resources

In his presentation, “HR and L&D - Collaborating to Make a Difference,” Odell Nickelberry, SPHR will facilitate a working discussion regarding the relationship between HR and L&D, and ways to solidify collaborative efforts between the two areas. Attendees will be expected to participate in an illustrative exercise and the resulting discussion.


About Odell Nickelberry

Odell Nickelberry, SPHR, has over 20 years in the field of Human Resources.  He has supported a number of corporate, field-based, technical and manufacturing business units.   His professional experience includes successful tenures at 2 Fortune 50 corporations, a global demilitarization corporation, a Midwestern utility conglomerate and a leading domestic insurer, in addition to freelance consulting.  Among his notable career achievements are leading national recruitment and rotational career development programs and establishing progressive, recruitment and employee relations-based shared services.  He has received a number of accolades for leadership, team building, organizational development and employee relations.


Odell is president of the board of directors, Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) for the year 2015.  He is also engaged in a number of community outreach activities. Currently, Odell is the Director of Human Resources at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield.


He holds a BA in economics from Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL and an MBA in HR Development from Edgewood College, Madison, WI.



October Program



Measuring and Evaluating Learning Impact

Rhea Fix

Manager, Organizational Development

For decades, Kirkpatrick’s four levels of training evaluation have been the standard measures of training in organizations. More than ever, it’s important for learning organizations to align programs to the critical needs of the business.


Through participation in this session, you will be able to:

· Align your training programs with organizational priorities.

· Select evaluation methods to determine level learning impact.

· Measure impact at level 3.

· Communicate and report on learning impact.

About Rhea Fix

Although she’s spent 15 years in the learning and development space, Rhea started her career with a focus on writing and media. She graduated from Northwestern University in Radio TV Film and started her career in the marketing department at Alltel. She moved into training, because that’s where the media production department was located. After working for two years in training publishing, she fell in love with instructional design and returned to graduate school to earn her degree in it. She received her Masters in Education at San Diego State University with an emphasis in adult education and learning technologies.


Rhea has spent her career developing and teaching custom training programs, for at Alltel and then as a consultant with Red Pepper Consulting. Rhea owned and operated the firm for six years, building learning programs for Alltel, Windstream, AR Children’s Hospital, the Criminal Justice Institute, Ewing Marion Kaufman Foundation and others. She returned to corporate life to gain more experience with organizational change management and organizational development. While managing the training function at LSV, Rhea has implemented their corporate university, built new hire programs, and fostered the development of custom technical programs to develop employees.



September Program


Training Delivery Methods

Stephanie Floyd
Learning & Performance Consultant
Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Stephanie will present on training delivery methods. The presentation will compare and contrast methods as well as provide opportunities for interactive practice of methodologies.

About Stephanie Floyd

Stephanie Floyd is a native of Little Rock, AR and a 25 year employee of Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield.  She has been married to her husband Freddie for 33 years.  She is currently a Learning & Performance Consultant in the Learning & Development Division.  She is pursuing her Masters in Business Administration (Leadership Studies).


Her hobbies include spending time with her grandchildren, reading and bowling.   Stephanie’s passion is using her God-given abilities to help others accomplish their goals both professionally and spiritually.


July Program

The Trainer's Toolkit

This month's meeting will be sponsored by us and
presented by
and your fellow trainers


The Trainer's Toolkit! 

Trainers love to learn!  They also love to use what they have learned.

At this meeting, you will be presented with skills you can use in your courses immediately.  The Trainer's Toolkit! is a mini "Train-the-Trainer" session where chapter members will submit their favorite training technique.  It's been said that, "Iron Sharpens Iron," so come prepared to learn from the best.  Maybe you have a few of your own tools to share!

Topics will include:

  • Welcome to our Training Room
  • Ice Breakers?
  • Creative Video
  • Activities
  • Checklists!
  • Training Windows
  • More...
Little boy playing in toolbox

Attendees will receive special Arkansas Chapter ASTD handouts that they may photocopy and use TODAY.


"The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires."  - William Arthur Ward 

May Program

StartUp Arkansas

Lee Watson



Arkansas Venture Capital

StartUp Arkansas is an alliance of Arkansas Entrepreneurs seeking to build a strong Arkansas Entrepreneurship/startup ecosystem. The goal of the alliance is to build a platform for a strong ecosystem by:

  • Connecting Startup Entrepreneurs in Arkansas
  • Supporting Events and Programs that build density
  •  Accelerate Experiential Learning in Arkansas Higher Ed Curriculums & connect students with the Arkansas Startup Community.

The Startup America Partnership supports a national network of startup communities dedicated to advancing the success of American startups.  Hundreds of passionate founders, entrepreneurial leaders, investors, mentors and executives are working together to strengthen their local communities and help young companies grow.

About Lee Watson

Lee is the co-founder and chief strategist for the Arkansas Venture Center, a mentor and member driven accelerator program with a range of programming, including advanced technical and data science training. The AVC is the nation’s first big data accelerator located in Arkansas, the home of the world’s first and largest companies in big data.

Lee is the co-founder and managing partner of Southern Coding, an investment incubator group made up of industry leading experts in development, design, data science and business operations. Southern Coding works with portfolio companies on developing a scalable technical infrastructure, implementing design best practices and creating internally incubated projects. Southern Coding was invited to compete in the first American Airlines hackathon. Southern Coding also develops internally incubated projects with major corporate partners.

Prior to the founding of Southern Coding, Lee created Clarovista, LLC a strategic consulting agency focusing on the intersection of marketing and data. Through Clarovista, Lee also consults with enterprise clients on adopting a sales culture through the gamification of KPIs and creating a culture of innovation by bridging the marketing, development, sales and product departments together and creating a cross-unit innovation team. Lee has worked with major regional clients in the financial services, automotive, retail, agricultural and travel industries and consults for numerous advertising agencies on implementing data analytics, leveraging new ad networks and developing mobile strategies, including partnering with appropriate startups.

In addition to his companies, Lee is active in several non-profit organizations and is an active champion for Startup Arkansas, mentor to Startup Weekend, supporter of Gone in 60 Seconds and serves as a member of UP Global and Startup America.


April Program

Using "The 4 Disciplines of Execution"

to Improve Team Performance

Jason Jolley


Main Learning Objective:                                                                                            

To learn the framework process that tethers every leader and employee to the organization’s strategy and bottom line results.

Summary of The 4 Disciplines of Execution:

Great organizations are able to actually execute and deliver strategies that produce world-class results.  This ability to execute separates the good from the great.

 The Four Disciplines of Execution is a methodology to:

  1. Achieve world-class, consistent execution of critical goals…every time.
  2. Increase morale while significantly increasing accountability
  3. Develop your next generation of leaders and senior leaders.
  4. Enables leaders at all levels to create transparency, accountability and true employee engagement. 
  5. Most importantly, it delivers results!

About Jason Jolley

Jason Jolley is the first Arkansas-based representative for FranklinCovey and is in his 4th year.  Jason currently resides in Cabot and has lived in the Central Arkansas area for 20 years. Jason travels throughout the Arkansas and Northern Louisiana area introducing FranklinCovey content to companies and organizations via presentations and meetings.

Jason earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (1991) from Elmhurst College in Illinois.  Prior to his work at FranklinCovey, he has held the following positions: Assistant Store Manager with Wal-Mart, Account Rep with Frito Lay, and Account Sales Manager with PepsiCo.

March Program

Journey Management:  Unleashing the Strategic Power of Change

Jimmy Brown, Ph.D.

Senior Consulting Executive

J. Brown Group

At the simplest level, Journey Management is the process of assessing the impacts of major organizational changes, and actively managing those transitions so as to maximize positive results and minimize negative consequences.  Journey Management is different from traditional change management is several key ways…

  • While change management tends to be tactical and limited in vision, Journey Management is strategic and considers the whole enterprise
  • While change management is reactive, Journey Management is proactive
  • A guiding principle of Journey Management is to always link change to some desired performance outcomes.  If a change can’t be linked to some performance outcome then what is the point of doing it?

This is not to say that Journey Management is not about abandoning the valuable parts of traditional change management.  It is about expanding and integrating those efforts so that they are coordinated across the enterprise.  We do this through five major five major activities:  

  • Awareness – Recognizing the need for change
  • Planning – Setting up processes to make it successful
  • Readiness – Preparing the organization, the systems AND the people
  • Coordination – Integrating with other activities
  • Execution – Following the plan, measuring the outcomes and adjusting if necessary

About Jimmy Brown, Ph.D.


 Jimmy Brown, Ph.D., is a senior consulting executive with 18 years experience delivering practical strategies for business performance improvement. He is also the founder of the J Brown Group, a management consultancy focused on human capital, business strategy, and organizational development solutions. Prior to founding J Brown Group, Dr. Brown held senior-level consulting positions at marquee firms such as Booz Allen Hamilton, Accenture, and Hewlett-Packard. In these roles, Dr. Brown has worked across several industries sectors including healthcare (provider, payer, and bio-pharma), retail, high-tech, manufacturing, energy and Federal government (civilian and DoD).  He is regularly sought out for his insights on how to apply cutting-edge theory to solve real-world business challenges. 

Dr. Brown is a frequent speaker and author on topics such as strategic planning and change management. He has presented at major conferences such as the American Society for Training and Development, and the Academy of Management. His most recent books include Journey Management: Unleashing the Strategic Power of Change, and Systems Thinking Strategy:  The New Way to Understand Your Business and Drive Performance

Dr. Brown received his Master’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from the University of Tulsa, and his Ph.D. from Benedictine University’s award-winning Organizational Development program. In addition, he is a certified Professional of Human Resources (PHR) through the Society for Human Resources Management. He is an active member of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, and the Society for Human Resources Management. 

As a compliment to his consulting work, Dr. Brown is also a professor in the psychology, and graduate management (e.g., MBA) programs of several universities. In these roles he both teaches courses and mentors doctoral candidates. 



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